OnePlus 10000mAh Power Bank review: The advantage of good looks

 There is no dearth of affordable power banks in the market, but only a very few of them offer a mix of decent looks, powerful performance and a pocket-friendly price.
Until the first quarter of this year, it was only Xiaomi at the top of the Indian power bank market, but the competition intensified after other top companies joined the race a couple of months ago. And one of the contenders to take on Xiaomi was OnePlus, which garnered reputation in the country with its OnePlus One smartphone.
Launched to rival Xiaomi's 10400 mAh power bank, the 10000 mAh OnePlus power banks was introduced at a price higher than the former. While Xiaomi's 10400 mAh was launched at Rs 999, the OnePlus' came carrying a price tag of Rs 1,399. Does the OnePlus power bank justify the price difference between the two? We analyse.

The exclusive design of the OnePlus power bank was what attracted my attention first. And this is what is its highlight. If you look at the options from other rivals including Asus and Huawei, you will find their design to be more or less similar. What the button-less OnePlus power bank has is a curved design which made it nestle into my palm comfortably. Despite being long, it doesn't feel heavy in the hand. But had it been a little shorter, it would have been even better.
Albeit it has an exclusive design, it, on the design front, loses to the Asus ZenPower by a margin which features a Xiaomi-like design but with a compact form factor. Even onlookers at the office found the Asus ZenPower to be a more neat and handsome than the OnePlus power bank.

From L to R: Asus ZenPower, Xiaomi Mi power bank, OnePlus power bank
Another thing that adds to its exclusivity is the presence of dual USB ports. It means you can charge two devices at a time. While the 10000 mAh power banks from Asus and Xiaomi have only a single USB port to charge one device at a time.
Not that the offerings from the rivals don't come with the dual USB functionality, but only a few of them offer this feature in the 10000 mAh category. Neither Xiaomi's nor Asus' 10000mAh power banks come with the dual-USB port functionality. However, Xiaomi recently introduced its 16000 mAh power bank with the dual USB support that has a price tag same as the OnePlus' - Rs 1,399. And this is where the OnePlus power bank gets a close, or perhaps, a powerful rival. The new power bank (16000 mAh) from Xiaomi has design aesthetics similar to the old one but with a width half of its predecessor and a length that's also almost double. Huawei Honor's 13000 mAh also has dual usb cables, but its design lacks the grace.
The OnePlus power bank comes in back and white models and our review unit came in white. And it does look pretty.
Talking about performance, the OnePlus power bank took around 7 hours to get fully charged. And in line with the company's claims, the fully-charged OnePlus power bank managed to charge three phones - two times Nexus 4 (that has a 2100 mAh battery) and once a Xiaomi Mi 4i (3120 mAh). The Asus ZenPower in its comparison delivered the same - nothing extra. Needless to say, but it can also be used to charge other electronic devices that support charging via USB port.
There are four motion-activated battery indicator lights on the side of the OnePlus power bank, with each light representing 25 per cent of remaining power. You can easily activate the lights by consecutively shaking it twice to ascertain how much battery is left in the power bank. The softness of the brightness of the LEDs are actually pleasing to look at.

From top to bottom: Asus ZenPower, Xiaomi Mi power bank, OnePlus power bank
The power bank turns off automatically as the device on charge or it itself reaches the full battery capacity.
While many of you may assume that the cable (accompanying the OnePlus power bank) could be used for data transfers, but it doesn't do so. It can only be used for charging. On the other hand, the one that comes with the Asus ZenPower (and many other pwer banks) lets you do data transfers as well.
The OnePlus power bank bearing an all-new exclusive design makes to our recommendation list, but it does have equally powerful and smart contenders that can give it a tough fight.